6 Types of In-Demand Coding Jobs (And How to Get Them) (2023)

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in development, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are. What’s the best path to take? With all the different types of coding jobs available, how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, it depends. If you’re artistic, you could combine your creativity with your programming skills to create beautiful websites. Or maybe you’d rather work with data — helping companies analyze it for actionable insights or helping users keep their sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

As you’ll learn in the paragraphs below, there are many different types of coding jobs. To help you figure out which one is best for you, we’ll explore 6 of the most popular coding jobs and their responsibilities. Then, we’ll show you where to get started.

1. Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineers create and manage everything that you see and interact with on a website. Think about the text you’re reading right now, all the menus, and even the cool progress bar that tells you how far along you are in this article. All of this was created by a Front-End Engineer. Front-End Engineers create the world you see on the web page, from the login screen to the layout of your search results.

Average salary: $105,800 with $2,500 annual cash bonus

What makes a good Front-End Engineer?

The most successful Front-End Engineers have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In other words, they’re most familiar with the languages used to create the front end of web and mobile applications. And while Front-End Engineers aren’t expected to have full-depth skills in web and graphic design, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a bit of a creative touch.

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2. Back-End Engineer

Everyone loves working with slick, well-designed apps and web pages, but what good are they if they don’t give you the information you need? That’s where Back-End Engineers come in.

Most apps and websites store their information in large databases on remote servers to be easily accessed later. Back-End Engineers manage these “behind-the-screens” parts of a website. So, when you search for something like “learn SQL” (which we recommend for Back-End Engineers), it’s thanks to them that the results you see are relevant to your search. Similarly, when you’re browsing, it’s the work of Back-End Engineers that allows you to quickly view the most current content available.

Average salary: $120,700 with $4,000 annual cash bonus

What makes a good Back-End Engineer?

Back-End Engineers love solving tricky technical problems. Compared to front-end engineering, which focuses on aesthetics and an engaging experience, back-end engineering rewards the most logical and efficient solutions. Back-End Engineers work a lot with databases using tools like JavaScript, SQL, and Node.js. They also understand the fundamentals of good database creation, management, and data retrieval.

3. Full-Stack Engineer

What if you love both the creativity of front-end engineering and the technical challenges of back-end engineering? Then, consider becoming a Full-Stack Engineer.

While most people think of a Full-Stack Engineer as a Front-End and Back-End Engineer combined, the truth is they’re much more than that. Full-Stack Engineers also understand how front end and back end components interact and communicate with each other.

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Average salary: $107,300 with $4,100 annual cash bonus

What makes a good Full-Stack Engineer?

As you might imagine, Full-Stack Engineers have an appreciation for all parts of the development process, from building engaging user interfaces to creating efficient database structures. They’ll also be familiar with the languages used for front-end and back-end development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and SQL.

4. Data Scientist

Data science is booming as people and businesses have more and more access to data. The wealth of data we create daily is too much to analyze with traditional methods, so companies rely on data professionals to make sense of it all. Enter the Data Scientist.

Businesses need people who have both the programming skills to automate data analysis and specific field expertise to make sense of what the data and results mean. In other words, companies need more Data Scientists.

Think of data science as a broad field with many potential niches. For example, it’s Data Scientists who develop systems that recommend playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. It can also be used to build machine learning models.

Average salary: $119,400


What makes a good Data Scientist?

If you’re switching to development after years of working in another field, you might wonder whether all that knowledge and experience will go to waste. The answer is that it doesn’t have to! Data Scientists are experts in multiple fields, namely statistics, computer science, coding (including R and Python), and specific fields of expertise. So, if you’re a new developer with past experience in another field, then you’re already well on your way to becoming a great Data Scientist.

5. Data Analyst

How does a company figure out which products are the most popular? What about the most profitable? When adding new products, how do you know if they’ll appeal to your customers? And what is it about your business that makes people choose your services over someone else’s?

Believe it or not, most businesses have enough data at their disposal to answer these kinds of questions. It’s up to Data Analysts to work with multiple data sources to find their answers.

While Data Analysts and Data Scientists sound similar, they perform different roles. Both help make sense of large data sets, but Data Analysts focus on business performance and what a company can do to improve. In another post, we take a closer look at the difference between Data Scientists and Data Analysts.

Average salary: $70,000 with $2,500 annual cash bonus

What makes a good Data Analyst?

Because Data Analysts specialize in using data to improve business performance, they’re comfortable working both behind the terminal and in the boardroom. Many analysts use SQL and Python to work with large, complex datasets and distill them into clear visuals and summaries that non-technical teams can understand. They’re also great communicators who can explain how the insights gathered from large datasets can contribute to organizational goals.

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6. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity becomes more and more important every day. No one wants their information to fall into the wrong hands, and Cybersecurity Specialists keep our data safe by preventing attempts to steal or compromise it.

Cybersecurity Specialists monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to risks and vulnerabilities within a company’s network. More and more companies are recognizing that cybersecurity is a necessity rather than a luxury, which means that the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals is soaring.

Average salary: $57,500 with $5,000 annual cash bonus

What makes a good Cybersecurity Specialist?

Much like Back-End Engineers, Cybersecurity Specialists enjoy solving complex problems using logic. They also adopt a forensic approach to determine the root causes of a system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Lastly, a good Cybersecurity Specialist knows how to think like a hacker and stays up to date with the latest cyberattack techniques.

Take the next step in your coding career

Hopefully, this list of 6 types of coding jobs helped bring you closer to your dream career. If you can see yourself in any of the roles listed above, check out our Career Paths. Our Career Paths take the guesswork out of figuring out which skills you need to move forward in your journey. We’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know to land an entry-level position in our:

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  • Front-End Engineer Career Path
  • Back-End Engineer Career Path
  • Full-Stack Engineer Career Path
  • Data Scientist Career Path
  • Data Analyst Career Path

If you’re more interested in keeping data safe from cyber threats, take your first steps into the field with our introduction to cybersecurity course. And if you need some extra support, our community is always there to help.


What are 6 figure non coding tech jobs? ›

The highest paying tech jobs that don't require coding skills are data analyst, software sales rep, software product manager, product marketing manager, and project manager. These six-figure tech jobs do not require coding skills.

How many types of coding jobs are there? ›

In this article, we explore nine different coding jobs and discuss the primary responsibilities and salary information for each position.

What are 3 of the leading careers that computer coding could lead to? ›

What is the highest-paying coding job?
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Full Stack Developer.
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Product Manager.

Which IT job is the highest paid without coding? ›

Following are the best job in IT without programming requirements:
  • Data Analyst. Data Analyst is among the best job in IT without programming skills. ...
  • QA Tester. ...
  • UX Designers. ...
  • AWS Solution Architect. ...
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists. ...
  • Citizen Developers.
Feb 3, 2023

What type of coding pays the most? ›

10 Highest-Paying Programming Languages in 2023
  • Objective-C. Average Base Salary: $125,247. ...
  • Kotlin. Average Base Salary: $130,497. ...
  • Ruby on Rails. Average Base Salary: $127,763. ...
  • Perl. Average Base Salary: $117,595. ...
  • C# Average Base Salary: $108,902. ...
  • Python. Average Base Salary: $116,394. ...
  • Java. Average Base Salary: $106,066. ...
  • Swift.
Dec 12, 2022

Can you make 6 figures in tech without a degree? ›

Making six figures ($100,000+) is no easy task, with or without a degree. But if you set your mind to it, it's certainly possible, even with just a high school diploma.

How do I get a job in coding with no experience? ›

How to get a programming job with no experience
  1. Improve your coding skills. ...
  2. Create a portfolio. ...
  3. Build your online presence. ...
  4. Network with other programmers. ...
  5. Earn certifications. ...
  6. Take part in coding challenges or competitions. ...
  7. Write a strong resume. ...
  8. Build projects.
May 12, 2022

How long does IT take to become a coder? ›

Most coding bootcamps last 3-4 months and teach enough coding skills to qualify graduates for entry-level coding jobs. It typically takes 6-12 months to learn to code on your own. Likewise, a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming usually takes four years.

Which IT job has no coding? ›

Top Non-Coding IT Jobs
  • Data Analyst. One of the best jobs in the sector is that of a Data Analyst. ...
  • Scrum Master. ...
  • IT Business Analyst. ...
  • Project Manager. ...
  • QA Tester. ...
  • UX Designers. ...
  • Digital Marketing.
Feb 24, 2023

What is the highest programmer salary? ›

Computer Programmers made a median salary of $93,000 in 2021. The best-paid 25% made $122,600 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $62,840.

Are all coding jobs stressful? ›

In general, coding is a fairly relaxing job. There is the flexibility of working remotely as a programmer, and in many cases there is the security of routine. However, as with any job, whether coding is stressful depends largely on the company you work with. Cultural pressures and tight deadlines can cause stress.

What is the career path for coding? ›

You can become a coder by gaining expertise in various programming languages such as SQL, PERL, HTML, PHP, XML, C, C++, JAVA and JavaScript. As you progress in your career, you might choose to specialize in fields like web development, mobile development, or database management.

What's the highest paying tech job? ›

Best Paying Jobs in Technology Guide
  • Software engineer.
  • Web developer.
  • Network engineer.
  • Database administrator.
  • Cloud engineer.
  • Information security analyst.
  • Data scientist.
  • DevOps engineer.
Dec 30, 2022

Which IT jobs pay the most entry level? ›

A software developer is one of the highest paying entry level tech jobs available in the job market right now.

What is the lowest salary for a programmer? ›

The average Entry Level Programmer salary in the United States is $85,293 as of February 27, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $75,042 and $96,453.

Which pays more Java or Python? ›

Salary and Jobs

In India, the average salary for a Java developer is ₹4,55,000 per annum(Source: Glassdoor) and for a Python developer, it is ₹4,46,000 per annum(Source: Glassdoor). So if you become flawless in Java or Python, you can easily start your career as a developer.

Should I learn Python or Java first? ›

When opting for a starting point, you should take your goals into account. Java is popular among programmers interested in web development, big data, cloud development, and Android app development. Python is favored by those working in back-end development, app development, data science, and machine learning.

What is the easiest IT field to get into? ›

What are eight of the best entry-level IT jobs?
  • Help desk analyst.
  • PC technician.
  • Computer operator.
  • Software developer.
  • Cybersecurity technician.
  • Front-end web developer.
  • Quality assurance (QA) analyst.
  • Database developer.
Sep 15, 2022

Can I get an IT job without certification? ›

Many top IT careers don't require college degrees. Hiring managers are looking for job candidates who can get the job done, regardless of their academic credentials. Self-education, training programs and certifications could be your ticket to a rewarding tech job.

Which computer course is best for high salary? ›

Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Data Science are among the top 10 computer courses in demand in India. Engineers with AI-ML skills with less than a year of experience earn INR 5,00,000 per annum which is comparatively one of the highest entry-level engineering salaries in India.

How to make $100,000 without a degree? ›

There are many high-paying job opportunities available that pay $100K a year without a degree. Some of these jobs are real estate agent, risk manager, and sales consultant. For most common high-paying jobs without a degree, you'll need many years of work experience until you reach a level where you make six figures.

How can I make $100 000 a year without a college degree? ›

Jobs that pay $100k a year without a college degree
  1. Professional Sports Referee. $210,000. $21,000.
  2. Commercial Pilot: $165,000. $91,000.
  3. Master Sommelier: $160,000. $49,000.
  4. Air Traffic Controllers: $153,000. $94,000.
  5. Programmers: $125,000. ...
  6. Power Distributors: $121,000. ...
  7. Database Managers: $117,000. ...
  8. Locomotive Engineer: $114,000.
Jan 10, 2023

How can I make 10k a month? ›

Here are 11 ways to make 10k a month.
  1. Start Dropshipping with Shopify. ...
  2. Offer Freelance Writing Services. ...
  3. Start a Bookkeeping Business. ...
  4. Open a Custom Pins Shop Online. ...
  5. Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank. ...
  6. Start a Blog. ...
  7. Sell T-Shirts through Tee Spring. ...
  8. Start a Web Development Business.
Jan 1, 2023

How hard is coding with no experience? ›

Can I learn to code with no experience? While it's not easy, anyone can learn to code without prior experience. Coding is a lot like solving puzzles—if you enjoy that kind of problem-solving, then you will likely enjoy learning to code. If you're new to computer tech, try taking an online course.

Can I get a coding job at 40? ›

Becoming a programmer at any age is possible; all you've got to do is try. If you're interested, there's no time like the present to jump-start a meaningful new hobby, project, or career in coding.

Can you get a job with just python? ›

Python is used in many different areas. You can search for a job as a Python developer, data scientist, machine learning specialist, data engineer, and more. These jobs are interesting and in-demand. And, like other Python jobs, they pay good salaries.

How many hours a day should I practice coding? ›

People assume that one needs to invest a tremendous amount of time to learn to code, and that's actually not the case. It is true that the more time you put in, the faster you'll learn, but if you're okay with a longer timeframe, an hour a day is plenty.

Which coding language should I learn first? ›

Python is always recommended if you're looking for an easy and even fun programming language to learn first. Rather than having to jump into strict syntax rules, Python reads like English and is simple to understand for someone who's new to programming.

Does coding require math? ›

Coding is associated with math and engineering; college-level programming courses tend to require advanced math to enroll and they tend to be taught in computer science and engineering departments.

Are coding jobs declining? ›

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of computer programmers will decline by 10 percent between 2021 and 2031. However, despite this decline, they project 9,600 new openings for computer programmers each year due to workers who will transfer to other occupations or retire.

Will coding jobs disappear? ›

Are coding jobs declining? No, there is not a demand for programmers. In fact, the employment of computer programmers is projected to decline 10% from 2020 to 2030. With that said, there is still a need for programmers.

Can a programmer become a millionaire? ›

WILL CODING ALONE MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE? Learning code alone will not help you become a millionaire. You need to have a positive relationship with money. You have to make good connections with those who made it big or have a great vision for making money in the future.

How much can you make coding from home? ›

How much does a Computer Programmer Work From Home make? As of Feb 27, 2023, the average annual pay for a Computer Programmer Work From Home in the United States is $82,319 a year.

How much can you make coding without a degree? ›

High-Paying Coding Jobs Without a Degree
JobAverage SalaryOutlook
Full Stack Developer$104,06926%
Computer Programmer$93,000-10%
Backend Web Developer$84,48430%
Front End Web Developer$81,08630%
6 more rows
Oct 7, 2022

What is the hardest part about coding? ›

The 9 hardest things programmers have to do
  1. Naming things.
  2. Explaining what I do (or don't do. ...
  3. Estimating time to complete tasks. ...
  4. Dealing with other people. ...
  5. Working with someone else's code. ...
  6. Implementing functionality you disagree with. ...
  7. Writing documentation. ...
  8. Writing tests. ...
Oct 16, 2013

Why is there a shortage of coders? ›

The tech talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2 million employees by 2030. It happens because of the lack of technical education, soft skills, and because salary requirements are too high.

Is being a coder boring? ›

The short answer to the question “is coding boring?” is—quite simply—”no.” Of course personal preferences can vary, but coding is so not boring for so many people that you'll even find coders jumping to the profession from much flashier sounding backgrounds.

What is the most in demand coding job? ›

Read on for a closer look at these 10 in-demand coding careers:
  • Web Developer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Computer Systems Engineer.
  • Network Administrator.
  • Computer Support Specialist.

Is coding a difficult career? ›

No, coding is not hard to learn; however, it can initially seem intimidating. When learning anything new, the beginning can be challenging. Coding gets easier over time with patience and persistence. If you're considering learning how to code, it can be easy to focus on the difficulty.

What is the easiest and highest paying tech job? ›

A software developer is one of the highest-paid jobs in tech that does not require experience. The BLS reports that software developers earned a median annual salary of $110,140 in 2021.

What jobs are in demand in tech 2023? ›

  • Data scientist. ...
  • Artificial intelligence specialist -- also known as machine learning engineer. ...
  • IT manager -- also known as information systems manager, IT director, chief information officer and chief technology officer. ...
  • Information security analyst. ...
  • Computer systems analyst. ...
  • Computer network architect.
Feb 9, 2023

How can I get into the tech industry with no experience? ›

7 Tips for Getting Into IT With Zero Experience
  1. Re-examine and Apply Your Past Experience to the IT Industry. ...
  2. Earn Industry Certifications. ...
  3. Your Degree in Another Field May Be a Huge Asset. ...
  4. Be Open to Starting at the Bottom. ...
  5. Don't Forget the Power of Networking. ...
  6. Learn Relevant Tech Skills and Gain Experience.

What type of careers in IT tech that doesnt require much coding? ›

11 tech jobs you can do without coding
  • Tech Support. Tech support is one of the tech jobs one can do without coding, what tech support workers basically do is to manage, maintain, and repair IT systems. ...
  • SEO Specialist. ...
  • UI/UX. ...
  • QA Engineer. ...
  • Information Architect. ...
  • Project Manager. ...
  • Web Analysis Specialist. ...
  • IT Business Analyst.
Jul 28, 2022

Can you make 6 figures in tech? ›

The best industries for six-figure salary jobs are tech, engineering, and finance. These industries not only offer lucrative career paths, but jobs are in-demand with high growth rates. This means that not only will you earn a six-figure income, but you will have excellent job security.

What can I do besides coding? ›

11 entry-level tech jobs that don't require coding skills
  • Sales Representative. Average starting salary: $75,900. ...
  • Marketing Associate. Average starting salary: $51,608. ...
  • Customer Success Associate. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Copywriter/Content Writer. ...
  • Recruiter/Recruiting Coordinator. ...
  • Data Analyst. ...
  • Digital Analyst.

What is the easiest tech job to get? ›

The 10 Best Entry-Level Jobs in Tech
  • Web Developer.
  • Project Manager.
  • Security Analyst.
  • Web Designer.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Develop Tech Skills.
  • Create a Portfolio.
  • Get a Certificate.
Nov 13, 2022

What is the easiest high paying IT job? ›

Tech Jobs With High Pay and No Experience Required
  • Web Developer. Web developers create and design websites. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Social Media Specialist. ...
  • Customer Service Representative. ...
  • Software Developer. ...
  • Computer Programmer. ...
  • Computer Support Specialists. ...
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist.

Which is the easiest field in IT industry? ›

Here are 18 tech jobs that are easy to get into:
  • Digital strategist.
  • Digital project manager.
  • Computer programmer.
  • Cybersecurity analyst.
  • Application developer.
  • Network engineer.
  • UX designer.
  • DevOps engineer.
Jan 22, 2021

How hard is IT to get a coding job without degree? ›

Yes—you don't need a degree to land a high-paying programming job. But if you don't have a degree, then you'll need to build your expertise through self-learning, independent skill-building, online courses, programming podcasts, and bootcamps.

Is IT difficult to get a coding job? ›

Getting a job in coding is difficult if you don't know anyone in the industry. Once you start networking, you can learn about job opportunities and use your connections as references. This can make it a lot easier to get a coding job.

How can I make a 200k tech? ›

What Skills Are Needed for High-Paying Tech Jobs?
  1. Big Data.
  2. Cloud Computing.
  3. Cybersecurity Analytics.
  4. Data Analytics.
  5. Data Science.
  6. Linux.
  7. Machine Learning.
  8. Mobile Application Skills.
Sep 7, 2022

Who gets paid the most in tech? ›

10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs
  1. DevOps Engineer. A DevOps engineer is often a bit of a generalist. ...
  2. Product Manager. ...
  3. Computer and Information Research Scientist. ...
  4. Software Developer. ...
  5. Computer Network Architect. ...
  6. Artificial Intelligence Architect. ...
  7. Information Security Analyst. ...
  8. Mobile App Developer.

How much is a 6 figure salary monthly? ›

How much does a Six Figures make? As of Feb 26, 2023, the average annual pay for a Six Figures in the United States is $98,086 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $47.16 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,886/week or $8,173/month.

What is the best coding to start with? ›

The 5 Easiest Programming Languages
  • HTML and CSS. HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is one of the most common programming languages for beginners, as it's often seen as the most straightforward programming language to learn. ...
  • JavaScript. ...
  • Python. ...
  • C, C++, and C# ...
  • Java.

What is the easiest program to learn coding? ›

The Easiest Programming Language to Learn First

If you're new to the world of programming, Python is the best coding language to start with. It's a beginner-friendly code with a simplified syntax, using fewer lines than other coding languages, making it easy to read, understand, and use.

What type of coding should I learn to make money? ›

JAVA. Java is one of the most popular and profitable programming languages. Particularly for client-server web applications, with a reported 9 million developers. The average Java programmer salary in the US can reach 80K dollars per year according to Glassdoor.


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